Vinergy has endeavored to match its product and service range to provide total solutions to its Valued clients. The product and service portfolio of Vinery is as follows:


Vinergy provides a wide range of products to its customers. The list of products are as follows: Bitumen, Fuel, Solvents, Sulphur, Chloroalkali, Chloromethane, Pharma Intermediates and Benzyl Derivatives.


Bunkering -  High-quality  fuels  adhering  to  International  Organization  for  Standardization(ISO)  standards, competitive prices and easy availability, Vinergy has all the ingredients for an effective bunkering supply. The fuels that we generally use for bunkering are marine Furnace Oil (IFO 180 Cst & 380 Cst); Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) and Marine Gas Oil (MGO).  We presently supply bunkering services at all major ports in India.

Power- We supply power or energy from a surplus zone to a deficient area at a cost which is not only reasonable but also sustainable for utilities to pay and recover from the end consumers. With the soaring demand for power, this will accrue growth in both commercial and social responsibility areas.


Vinergy provides effective logistics solutions to the customers. We have storage facilities at major import locations and further propose to develop storage tanks at prominent locations hinterland so that the customers are assured of uninterrupted supplies. Apart from providing high end logistics solutions; Vinergy has added “Royal Queen”- an ocean faring vessel to add to its logistics strength.