Procurement, Logistics and marketing of  Fuels

  Vinergy International Pvt. Ltd. is one of the major suppliers of Fuel. Vinergy is a specialist in Procuring, Marketing and Supplying of Products like Furnace Oil (FO) and Light Diesel Oil (LDO). Vinergy provides 100% logistics support and technical services to its customers.

Vinergy markets the following grades of furnace oil for industrial applications in compliance with IS-1593-1982 for use in boilers, bunkering, furnaces, DG sets and power plants.

180 cSt
380 cSt
Essar Oil

Vinergy has a pan India presence in supply of high quality Fuel Oils. Our presence Covers the following regions and locations.

  Maharashtra: Sewree, Mahul
  Gujarat: Kandla, Jamnagar
  Rajasthan: Jodhpur
  Uttar Pradesh: Mathura

Vinergy caters to a wide range of clients comprising various industries such as Steel, Textile, Cement, Pharma etc.


Vinergy's product profile also includes high quality Industrial grade Light Diesel Oil  (LDO) as per IS: 1460-2000 which is supplied across various locations.