Vinergy International Pvt.  Ltd.  is  a  proficiently  managed,  rapidly  expanding organization in the distribution and marketing of chemicals, liquid fuels, lubricants, power,  petrochemicals,  solvents  and  energy.  Vinergy defines quality and performance standards in the fields of Marketing and Logistics of industrial products and services. Our developments have rung in a new era that has set high standards for achieving customer delight. With sound operating results, Vinergy is surging  ahead  with  initiatives  to  develop  quality  products  and  create  new Businesses through strategic collaborations and entering new markets.

Vinergy has been guided under the stable and inspiring leadership of Mr. Mukul Agarwal who has instilled within Vinergy the importance of being a high end service provider in the area of marketing and distribution. Vinergy has been a witness to his untiring efforts for the past two decades.
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To excel in providing quality products, innovative solutions & services to our customers by adopting world-class technology and practices with global presence while achieving sustainable stakeholder value.
Our greatest asset base is our human capital. Team Vinergy, as we describe ourselves, is a pool of highly competent, motivated and result oriented individuals. We have imbibed a common set of values which makes working for Vinergy's objectives - a shared responsibility. With the vision and mission firmly in sight, Team Vinergy has developed unmatched skill sets for tackling the demands of the competitive environment. Continuous professional and specialized training sessions, latest technological and management tools as well as information resources gives us an edge in accelerating business sucess.
Vinergy has moved to greater heights  in the past few years. With the present turnover of USD 150 million, Vinergy aspires to achieve a turnover of USD 1 billion  in the next 4 years.

Vinergy's headquarters and other offices exemplify a convergence of information, communication and all other resources required for a successful business environment. The JV Aims at leveraging the worldwide expertise of TOTAL in research, development and manufacturing; and of Vinergy in marketing and distribution.
Outstanding customer service
Long standing relations with all our principals
High ethical standards
String customer base
Continuous Improvement & Innovation
Experienced and dedicated marketing team
Growth through performance and distribution of       quality products
Successful SAP implementation
ISO 9001-2000 for our Bunkering division and plans to introduce the       same for the entire organization.
Holds all required licenses and meets all statutory requirements set by       the authorities.